Security and Biometrics

Security solution know-how

In 2001, the company started as a one-person company called INT-Technology, but we transformed ourselves to a legal entity, Secuandb in 2004. Since then, we have developed, distributed, and installed access control equipment and products including RF ID card readers and A.C.U controllers. By exporting overseas, we continue to expand our business.

A young company that keeps pace with global trends, Secuandb

Based on our experience of entering into 16 overseas markets including Russia, Romania, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and India, the company transformed itself into a legal entity and changed its name to Security & best in 2004. 
Since then, the company has been able to win and retain high-profile clients including Samsung SDS, COMMAX, and Kocom.  2007, when the company registered as a venture business. In 2010, we established a corporate R&D center and began supplying card-reader modules for lobby phones establishing itself as a leader in building security.

 Beyond the business area of security solutions, the hidden powerhouse of ICT solutions

Having stepped up as a leader in Access Control System, the company has also provided ICT Convergence and commercialization solutions. We have continued to expand into new territories such as access control and attendance tracking system, IOT-based solutions, and KNX IBS, Konnex Intelligent Building System.  



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SECUANDB Co., Ltd. will take responsibility for your safety as a security officer in the security industry.