The MSR-7000 card reader can register up to 10,000 cardholders.

When a registered card is near the MSR-7000, the number of cards will be displayed on the display window and can be accessed.

For unregistered cards, “Err” is displayed on the display.

Product Characteristics 

  • Advanced Performance
  • Design considering user convenience

  • Reasonable unit price

  • Easy to install

  • Simple and comfortable maintenance

  • Excellent scalability

System Configuration

Product Specification

Authentication method
R/F ID card + password
Power Requirement
DC 12V/1.5A
Display128x32 G/W Graphic LCD(Multilingual support)
User registration
Access card, password: 100,000
Event log
1,000,000 pieces
purpose of use
Access Control
Frequency band
Single type, RS-485 communication, TCP/IP communication