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  • automatic security authentication 
  • Lost location tracking parking
  • location search 
  • Find your smartphone

Are you not sure if important data in the USB memory will be leaked?

Or, have you ever had a hard time finding a lost USB memory again?

Don't worry anymore!

Data security and location tracking are all possible with a smartphone and USB memory.

Without a separate charger, you can automatically set and release data security by registering the first security setting once, and you can easily find not only USB but also lost smartphones.

Smartphone OS

Android 5.0, IOS 5.0 above

Storage Capacity
32GB / 64GB / 128GB

USB 2.0

Management Quantity
USB Memory 5ea Control
Hours of Use3 months after 30 minutes of charging
Authentication Method
Automatic certification after the first one time certification
Power UsageUSB Powered(4.5V~5.5V)
Suitable Certification