The access control system provides an integrated security solution that can be applied from small organizations to enterprise organizations.
By using RF ID recognition, fingerprint recognition, and facial recognition functions for each product, it provides advanced access control functions including user access management and time and attendance management functions.

It is a pass card that opens and closes the door of RF ID card reader, fingerprint recognition card reader, lobby phone, and digital door lock.
The RF ID card is made of PVC material, and the metal RF ID card is made of stainless steel with anti-metal effect.
The digital door lock opens and closes the door after authentication with password, fingerprint, and RF card methods.
Push Pull Digital Door Lock, Mortise Lock, Hotel Door Lock, Rim Lock, etc.
We provide a variety of products considering the user's convenience.
The rooftop emergency door automatic opener is an automatic opening/closing device (electrical and electronic door lock) installed on the fire door of the emergency exit on the roof.
Electric locks include dead bolts, strikes, and EM LOCK, and control the locking/opening of doors by selecting and applying them to various types of doors (fire doors, glass doors, wooden doors).
With a compact design, it is an exposure type, night light, non-contact wired/wireless hand gesture-sensitive product that controls the opening of the door.
It is installed in hazardous areas (underground parking lot, etc.) of residential complexes and is an integrated control system using RF ID smart key.

Stable function implementation: Stable line configuration using residential complex Home Network (Private IP).
Reduction of construction cost: By minimizing cable work, construction cost can be reduced compared to before.
Various upgrades possible: Depending on the network environment, additional extensions and various functions can be linked with other systems.
Location-aware emergency bell: The emergency bell includes a location-aware function and does not require an additional location-aware device.
Emergency call device: You can conveniently execute emergency call and end functions with a separate emergency call device.
Smart security USB memory provides automatic security authentication, lost location tracking, parking location search, and smartphone search functions.