Alarm Bell / One-Pass System

It is installed in a dangerous area of a residential complex (underground parking lot, etc.) and is an integrated control system using RF ID smart key.

  • Stable function implementation: Stable line configuration using residential complex Home Network (Private IP).
  • Reduction of construction cost: By minimizing cable work, construction cost can be reduced compared to before.
  • Various upgrades possible: Depending on the network environment, additional extensions and various functions can be linked with other systems.
  • Location-aware emergency bell: The emergency bell includes a location-aware function and does not require an additional location-aware device.
  • Emergency call device: You can conveniently execute emergency call and end functions with a separate emergency call device.

Alarm Bell / One-Pass System

Emergency Caller

  • Prevent accidents by installing in hazardous areas
  • Beeps and warning lights
  • Location information delivery
  • Emergency call device (built-in speaker and microphone)

An alarm bell system for danger areas (e.g. underground parking garage) to prevent incidents via instant communication with security or emergency room workers. When a person presses the button on the bell in case of emergency, the emergency alarm goes off and lights warning is turned on. Also, the location of the device is displayed on the Mapping PC management program of the main system, and the person who pressed the button can communicate with security staff through an emergency communication system using built-in speaker and mic.

When a Users tap one pass key to Alarm parking location view, these datum will be sent wall-pad

- Patent Application No : 10-2021-0038366

- Company Name : Security & Best Co., Ltd

- Patent Name : Resident total control System by using One-pass Key

Power Requirement

DC 24V, 0.6W(UTP Cable)


RJ-45 3pcs

8Ω, 1W
Operation Way
ReinforcedABS Plastic
Voice receiving Distance
Up to1.2Km (In using UTP CAT.5 Cable)
Dimensions (W×H×D
Operating Temperature
-25℃~+80℃ /5%
PCManagement program
PC Mapping

Emergency Bell Repeater

  • Transmit emergency/parking location signal from emergency bell to central controller
  • Transmit the occupant information of the remote control received from the exciter to the hub of the disaster prevention room
  • Converts RS-485 signal to TCP/IP signal and sends it to central controller

Emergency Bell Central Controller

  • Receive emergency signal (data + voice) from the emergency bell repeater box
  • Receive parking location signal from emergency bell repeater
  • Transmit the received signal to the emergency bell server Alarm signal control and zone management in case of danger

Emergency Bell Call Device

  • Emergency button and call in case of emergency
  • Indication of calling device FND
  • Volume control function
  • CID display
  • In case of emergency call, quick location confirmation and easy call connection/end function through LCD

One Pass Key

  • Wireless emergency signal transmission
  • Vehicle location detection
  • Common entrance access
  • Household entrance access
  • Built-in RF ID 13.56Mhz card and BLE 5.0

Built-in RF ID card offers authentication feature for household entrance access and other purposes

Compact design and pleasurable feel in hand


Battery life changes depending on the number of use:

it could last at least 1 year (20 times daily).

One Pass Receiver

  • Opening and closing the common entrance door using a one-pass signal receiver
  • Simultaneous operation of one-pass key and one-pass application
  • Entrance detection using motion sensor behind the entrance
  • Elevator call function
  • Accurate motion detection via microwave sensor

Can communicate with elevators via connected motion sensors

Does not require additional devices to be installed inside the door

One-pass Registration Key

  • Supports RF ID (13.56Mhz), BLE simultaneous recognition

A device that registers the RFID tag information of the one-pass remote control key issued to the household to the server

Alarm Bell / One-Pass System System Configuration