Who We Are

Access control/time and attendance management company SECUANDB


Security and Biometrics

Security solution know-how

In 2001, the company started as a one-person company called INT-Technology, but we transformed ourselves to a legal entity, Secuandb in 2004. Since then, we have developed, distributed, and installed access control equipment and products including RF ID card readers and A.C.U controllers. By exporting overseas, we continue to expand our business.

A young company that keeps pace with global trends, Secuandb

Based on our experience of entering into 16 overseas markets including Russia, Romania, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and India, the company transformed itself into a legal entity and changed its name to Security & best in 2004. 
Since then, the company has been able to win and retain high-profile clients including Samsung SDS, COMMAX, and Kocom.  2007, when the company registered as a venture business. In 2010, we established a corporate R&D center and began supplying card-reader modules for lobby phones establishing itself as a leader in building security.

 Beyond the business area of security solutions, the hidden powerhouse of ICT solutions

Having stepped up as a leader in Access Control System, the company has also provided ICT Convergence and commercialization solutions. We have continued to expand into new territories such as access control and attendance tracking system, IOT-based solutions, and KNX IBS, Konnex Intelligent Building System.  


Business Areas

Access control and attendance management

Access and control of residential and commercial spaces Physical security and fire, etc.

As an integrated security management business area that protects customers' safety in emergency situations, CQ&B's home security products can ensure customer safety, access control, and convenience.

IoT Solution

The demand to escape from damage caused by property theft or crime due to intrusion of outsiders in residential spaces and commercial facilities is increasing, and the smart home market, which connects and controls all devices in the house, such as home appliances, is expanding. We are expanding our business area through research and development of smart home security products that converge physical security and smart.

Home Network RF ID Access Control System

Supplied access control system and common entrance card to 100 construction companies
Installation of access control system for newly built apartments, officetels, and existing sites
Construction and AS



Selected as an overseas branch office for 6 countries (Russia, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Poland) support project partner. Selected as a Patent IP map support project partner, Gobiz Korea, Best Family Friendly Management company. Granted Work Innovation Incentive by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (3 months), conducted Social Enterprise Consulting including ESG, acquired Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate, acquired Benefit-Sharing Enterprise by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, selected as a business for overseas certification standards, joined Tomorrow Chaeum Mutual Aid Project, selected as a business to open up a market on Amazon by KOTRA, and obtained Certificate of Excellent Technology


Registered as a partner of Shindongah Construction, Sambu Construction Co., Ltd.


Registered as a partner of Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd.


Registered as a partner of Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., and Shinyoung E&C Corp.


Registered as a partner of Dongbu Corporation, Dongyang Engineering & Construction Group, Kumho Engineering and Construction


Selected as a Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise by the Gyeonggi Provincial Government


Entered into business agreement with KT Safe Mate(AC), and apprenticeship agreement with Yongsan Technical Highschool, currently Yongsan Railroad Highschool


Acquired Plant Registration Certificate and Direct Production Confirmation Certificate


Entered into Industry-University Cooperation Agreement with Dong Seoul University


Built a partnership and won a contract with CV Net, Kyungdong Navien to supply lobby phone modules, and RFID cards


Built a partnership and won a contract with Hyundai HT Co Ltd to supply lobby phone modules, RFID cards, and access control system


Built a partnership and won a contract with KOLON Bennit and installed the system


Selected as MAIN-Biz, Management Innovation Business, and Inno-Biz, tech SMEs equipped with competitive edge based on their innovation capabilities, by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Established R&D center


Registered as a venture business, became a registered member of Korea Software Industry Association, and obtained IMS, Information Management System, certificate


Built a partnership and won a contract to supply access control system with EZville, GS Neotek, and TEC & Co


Built a partnership and won a contract to supply RFID card modules with Seoul Communication Technology, currently Samsung SDS. Acquired ISO 14001, 9001 certificates


Built a partnership and won a contract to supply KSC RFID cards


Built a partnership and won a contract to supply security Tag with Samsung Electronics


Became a corporation, changing the name to Security & Best


Built a partnership with LS Industrial Systems, currently LS ELECTRIC Co., Ltd


Exported access control readers, RFID ID cards to Romania


INT-Technology was founded