[NEWSSUN] Samcheok City provides safety emergency bells for women's toilets in the park

26 Sep 2022

Reporter Choi Ik-hwa = 13th, Samcheok City announced that it will install state-of-the-art smart emergency bells in women's toilets in downtown parks for the first time in Gangwon Province, including Rose Park, in order to prevent various crimes.

The smart emergency bell system is a state-of-the-art facility that automatically notifies the police station when women and children in an urgent crisis press the emergency bell to ask for help or when various emergency sounds, including screams are detected.

An official from Samcheok City said, "The installation of emergency safety symbols is expected to prevent crimes that may occur in the space in the bathroom in advance and allow citizens visiting the city park to use them more comfortably and safely."

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